When your middle name is Valentine, it's a bit pitiful to mostly skip over the whole of Valentine's Month on your blog. Especially when it might have been the sunniest, warmest Utah February in the history of my memory (sorry Polar Vortex friends!), AND we squeezed in a trip to Colorado, the Moon, and even Mars.

I mean, what else is a blog for? Right?

*Bonus photo: gigantic chocolates!!


KC Naegle said...

"Um. There's something squishy in my pocket." Haha! Love the pictures, thanks for letting me visit!

Ben + Amanda said...

i die when i see your girls! they could not be cuter. the jiggle body post is making me laugh out loud. so good. i never comment on blogs but for some reason you just always make me laugh and I comment. xoxo. you're awesome!

Stephanie • My Orange Chair said...

KC, HA! "It's gross..." Thanks for visiting. I forgot to tell you that Hazel cried for about 20 minutes after you left. She kept saying "I want KC to come at our HOUSE."

Amanda, thank you! That's especially nice coming from the mom of one of the cutest girls on the planet!