"Why are you so jiggly these days?" 

That was Charlotte's kind query as I emerged from a relaxing shower last Sunday.

Before I could answer, she and Hazel were off again, giggle-wiggle-shimmy-shaking themselves all over the house in an uncanny imitation of their, well, jiggly momma.

But no hard feelings here; as a normally flat figured girl, I actually don't mind a few extra pregnancy pounds. It's the softening up in other places that sometimes makes the nine months of gestation seem a little excessive.

Like the loose ligaments--I think my hips are quite literally falling apart. Or the wobbly emotions---even Winnie-the-Pooh makes me tear up these days. And being in the temple? Fuhgetaboutit.

But the most irksome side effect of my little in utero companion is the mushy brain. I'm not talking about forgetfulness and disorganization; nah, I live with those cranial frailties every. day. of. my. life.

It's how during pregnancy, I can't THINK! I can start working on a good thought, but it just tangles up before I can get to the end of it. And then I get so many unfinished thoughts crowded up in there, it's like I have hurricane head. When I try to sort things out the usual way (pen to paper, baby), I get a busy signal...TV static..the curs-ed blinking cursor on a glowing white screen.

Hence the radio silence from My Orange Chair.

But even with the dusty blog, the brain blocks, the sappy sentiments, and the sore joints, I can't think of a state-of-being in which I'd rather be than eagerly anticipating the addition of another baby to our family.

Now please excuse me, as there is a post-breakfast-dance-party happening in the living room and I've got some moves to contribute.

Yep, extra jiggles and all.


Chace & Rivka said...

My baby is 8 months old. Why am I still suffering from jiggle brain (not to mention jiggle thigh)?? Your jiggliness is adorable.

Stephanie • My Orange Chair said...

Rivka, thanks! And yikes. Hope my brain starts healing sooner than later...Though among people with 3 babes under 4 plus an international move looming, I imagine you brain is functioning among the top percentiles!! You're amazing!